One-stop solution for your HR department that delivers everything you need in one place. You can achieve more and do it faster and at a lower cost.


Entirely fresh and unique design of modules with ease of access


A cloud-based solution you can access anytime, anywhere
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Get an overview of your employees' license expiry dates, passport, identification cards or work permit details as well as upcoming training courses. Customize widgets relevant to you and improve work productivtity.


Maintain personnel records such as appraisals, incident reports, employee benefits, leave and pay records, Career progression and Courses.

Manage Your Project Costs

Is it worth spending that amount? Track the total amount of time and money spent on tasks assigned to a specific employee or department and receive detailed task reports.


Generate and customise monthly reports with ease of access.

Itemised Payslip

Issue itemized pay slips to your employees complying with relevant standards.

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Give Your Employees A Voice

Employees can raise their concerns or propose changes to management through anonymised feedbacks, and management can request surveys to relevant departments or individuals with just a click of a button. 

Improve Work Productivity

Access your data with a few mouse clicks, reduce administrative work and improve your HR productivity by having multiple systems streamlined onto one platform.

Location Tracking

Monitor and manage employees from different locations and allocate projects and tasks.

Data Security

The SSL security ensures that the data is safe and encrypted all the time.

MOM Standards
Manage your complete records under MOM standards

No Hosting Fee

No Hidden Costs